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Tour guides

The Heritage tours include audio recordings (CDs) and a printed guide book with maps and detailed information about the different tour routes.

MP3s of the audio tracks for our tour guides are now also available as downloads through Apple iTunes, Spotify and 42 other digital download websites. They can also be purchased through our online tour guide distributor CDBaby by simply clicking on the desired tour links below.

The Heritage Tours may be purchased online or ordered through your favorite bookseller.
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Purchase tours 2 through 10 online from CDBaby.com

Tour 2 (Central Washington from Leavenworth to Maryhill), tour 3 (Southeastern Washington from Richland to Clarkston), tour 4 (Olympic Peninsula), tour 5 (I-5 South Heritage Tour from Seattle to Vancouver), tour 6 (I-5 North Heritage Tour from Seattle to Blaine), tour 7 (I-90 East from Seattle to Spokane), tour 8 (Everett/Mukilteo to Wenatchee/Entiat), tour 9 (Whidbey Island) and tour 10 (Anacortes via North Cascades National Park to Chelan) are now available for purchase from the CD Baby online store.

Link to Tour 2 (Leavenworth to Maryhill)
Link to Tour 3 (Richland to Clarkston)
Link to Tour 4 (Olympic Peninsula Loop)
Link to Tour 5 (Seattle to Vancouver, WA)
Link to Tour 6 (Seattle to Blaine)
Link to Tour 7 (Seattle to Spokane)
Link to Tour 8 (Cascade Loop - South)
Link to Tour 9 (Whidbey Island)
Link to Tour 10 (Anacortes via North Cascades National Park to Chelan)

Order direct from Northwest Heritage Resources

Email jill@NorthwestHeritageResources.org to place an order; or write to Northwest Heritage Resources, 5518 38th NE, Seattle, WA 98105, to order by mail. Please indicate which tours and how many you wish to order and make your check or money order payable to Northwest Heritage Resources.

Tour prices are as follows:
Tour 1 - currently out of print
Tour 2 - $10.00 + $2.85 postage & handling
Tour 3 - $10.00 + $2.85 postage & handling
Tour 4 - $10.00 + $2.85 postage & handling
Tour 5 - $10.00 + $2.85 postage & handling
Tour 6 - $10.00 + $2.85 postage & handling
Tour 7 - $10.00 + $2.85 postage & handling
Tour 8 - $10.00 + $2.85 postage & handling
Tour 9 - $10.00 + $2.85 postage & handling
Tour 10 - $10.00 + $2.85 postage & handling

Wholesale orders


Outlets of any size can make wholesale purchases of any amount for any of the tours from us. Call Jill Linzee at 207-677-3703 or email jill@NorthwestHeritageResources.org for more information.

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