Washington Folk Arts

Central Washington Heritage Corridor
Leavenworth to Maryhill
Mariachi musicianThis guidebook and accompanying 2 CD audio tour will acquaint you with a Heritage Corridor in central Washington, extending from Leavenworth in the north to Maryhill, on the Columbia River, in the south. The corridor mainly follows US Highway 97, and is one of several designated by the Washington State Legislature for the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Heritage Corridors Program.

Included on the CDs are features of the “invisible landscape”: music, songs, stories, and reminiscences of the people of central Washington. They are as much a part of the landscape as its natural wonders, but are rarely accessible to the casual traveler. Selections were chosen to inform the traveler of the diversity of the peoples in the area, from the indigenous nations that have inhabited central Washington for millenia, through our pioneer settlers, to more recent arrivals. The diversity of the region’s economy is also noted, including farming, fruit-growing, ranching, logging, mining, and tourism.

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Sample: Mariachi Guanajuato, of Sunnyside, sing and play ranchera, Caballo Dorado.


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